Queer FM and ex-gay movement

This weekend's Queer FM will be discussing the story of Zach, the 16 year-old blogger from Bartlett Tennessee who's parents sent him to an Ex-Gay ministry called "Love In Action" when he came out to them. The specific program is called Refuge.

Queer FM will be interviewing Cale LeFevre of the Queer Action Coalition, an ad-hoc coalition who staged daily protests outside Love In Action. Peterson Toscano spent two years as one of their clients will be a guest on the show as well. Toscano is now an out gay performer who will be staging two plays in Saskatoon later this year.

Craig Maynard will be by for Queer FM's regular weekly update on what's happening with our same-sex marriage legislation.

Queer FM is on Sunday nights from 6-8pm Pacific time (that's 9-11 ET) at www.citr.ca or on 101.9 fm in Vancouver.

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Ol Cranky said...

This Way Out will also be running a piece on the blogswarm around Zach.

I'm not sure if you've seen the updates on the situation but EJ Friedman, Terence Heath, Pam Spaulding & a whole host of others (myself included) are following the case closely. The state of TN is now investigating (LIA is operating without a license and a family therapist had called to report potential child abuse based on statements in Zach's blogs, published operating procedures/rules for LIA and statements from those previously exposed to the program).

Rick Barnes said...

I had seen the updates. Thanks for the links here dude!

Good that TN is investigating, though I don't hold out much hope they will crash the Christian Rights parade much.

Peterson Toscano said...

I heard the TN investigation did not find anything, but just the fact that LIA was even investigated has raised this issue to a new level and reveals the seriousness of what is going on there.

Rick Barnes said...


I agree with you. Keep up the good work guy. If you ever get to the Okanagan, look me up here.