Ford is too gay friendly?

Update June 7, 2005, Gay & Lesbian Leadership Smart Brief: Anti-gay group suspends Ford boycott during "dialogue" A Texas-based Ford dealer has brokered a meeting between the automaker and the American Family Association, which last week called for a boycott of Ford products because the company supports LGBT events and organizations and provides employee benefits to same-sex partners.
"In Texas, in the Bible Belt, it would have had more effect here than in other parts of the country," the dealer said. "It's abundantly clear that AFA heard loud and clear from Ford dealers that they thought the boycott was a stupid idea," said Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. 365Gay.com (6/6), The Detroit News

Ford too Out Front for the American Family Association

Check out the American "Family" Association's Boycott Ford website. The American "Family" Association (AFA) wants you to boycott Ford Motor Company because Ford's policies do not discriminate against gay people.

The AFA is suggesting that Ford has done more for Gay rights than any other American company. They go on to say...

"While this is hardly known to the general population, it is well known by numerous homosexual organizations. In fact, the Human Rights Campaign (a national homosexual organization whose goal is homosexual marriage) gave Ford a 100% corporate rating."

Whoops Ford is done in by the gay community. When we get treated with respect folks, keep it quiet. If you tell the media that a company likes us, they will get beat up by The AFA, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, or some other Christian bully organization. Imagine the stupidity of the Human Rights Campaign giving Ford a 100% rating in supporting gay rights. Back to the closet boys, and don't come out until... just don't come out.

AFA has more to say...

"From redefining family to include homosexual marriage, to giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to support homosexual groups and their agenda, to forcing managers to attend diversity training on how to promote the acceptance of homosexuality, to sponsoring a "commitment (marriage) ceremony", to sponsoring Gay Pride Parades, Ford leads the way."

I have never heard Ford mentioned as being Gay friendly before. It was news to me. Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is a Ford spokesperson, but he is straight despite all those rumours to the contrary. Like many big companies Ford advertises in gay communities, sponsors events etc. Like Coors, Ford gives money to pride events. I am surprised the AFA has stopped with Ford. They should be going after Coors.

Coors was a hero for the Christian "we hate Fags" lobby when Coors refused benefits to gays. Coors reversed their anti-gay policies after suffering financially from a boycott the gay community started. Coors the company, now officially supports queer rights of employees and gay pride events.

You won't hear the AFA go after Coors though. See Coors is still owned by the Adolph Coors family. The family funnels profits from Coors into foundations that then contribute millions of dollars to Republicans and anti-gay organizations.

Need to buy a new automobile, why not get a Ford.

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HDcanuck said...

The boycott of Ford will fail, just as the 7 years boycott of Disney over "gay days" was finally abandoned because it failed.

bruce said...

There's such a small portion of the population behind it that it makes no difference to Ford. That's what Microsoft finally clued into. That's why these boycots don't work as HD said.

The only reason they get in the news is because they're such freaks. Oh, did I say that out loud?

unfurling said...

Right - sorry about lowering the tone here, and Ford should of course be respected for its gay friendly stance, but over here in the UK we have a phrase:

"Be a cunt, drive a Ford"

Which is why I wont go out and buy one...


HDcanuck said...

YUP. No one cares what the wacko xian right thinks we should buy or not buy. They're lunatics and everyone knows it. The Conservative party is going to do itself in by buying into their ooga-ooga and the rest of the country is going to look away in half disgust and half embarassment. In the end they will desintigrate back into the Reform Party all over again, with xian wackos talking to xian wackos. And no one else will be listening.