O'Brien leaves, and its news?

As I wrote this morning at Politics in BC, is it really news that Pat O'Brien left the Liberal party...

An Idealistic Pragmatist had this to add "...This is why I can't react to Pat O'Brien's defection with anything but laughter. If he really thinks this one little issue is worth torpedoing his career over, then he's even more of an idiot than I'd realized."

Wonderdog wonders... "Perhaps O'Brien has a principled objection to gay marriage. Or perhaps he simply expects that quitting the Liberals over this issue is his best hope for reelection. I'm betting it's a bit of both, with a strong dose of the latter."

"Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say," blogger Pample the Moose adds. "If Tom Wappel, Dan McTeague et. al want to join him, the more the merrier. The hearings are nothing more than a stalling mechanism at this point."

Progressive Bloggers is asking this question today... Can you be progressive and can you stay true to the Canadian ideals of equality without supporting SSM?

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HDcanuck said...

While I don't agree with O'Brien's views on SSM, I tend to have more respect for someone who will stand on principle (misguided as I may think it is), than someone who puts their career first and their values second. MPs are not elected to further their own careers. A whole lot more independent MPs in Ottawa might not be a bad thing at all.