Martin to appease Liberals Social Conservatives

Paul Martin has struck a deal with Liberal MPs to amend Bill C-38, The Civil Marriage Act to include;
1. Stronger guarantees that Charter rights will not override religious freedoms
2. Justices of the Peace who do not want to perform civil marriages of same-sex couples will not have to do so
3. Churches will not be required to rent out their halls for same-sex weddings
4. Religious educational institutions will still be allowed to preach that
homosexuality is against God's law
, without being subject to hate crime
I expect many will have something to say about these amendments in the days ahead, A little Bit Left and Section 15 have already put out some thoughts and warnings... At first blush I see no need for them and they set into law state sanctioned discrimination. I will too in the days ahead.

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HDcanuck said...

That's ok, just get the damn thing passed. The courts can take care of the details later; there will be challenges on some of those restrictions.