A Canadian Gay Anthem?

From Toronto Dose

Dawn Whitwell is a gay Toronto writer and comedian. She re-wrote the national anthem for Dose . Check out her lyrics below, click here to listen to it.

O Canada
I love your Gay Pride Day
Lezzies, Gays and Bis
Sashay! Sashay! Sashay!

We can't forget our Trannie friends
With all their surgeries
Queer & Questioning
Or Two-spirited
I think we all agree

Queers dress the best
And throw a fab soiree
O Canada, there's a big fat eh in gay.
O Canada, don't knock it 'till you've tried a three-way.

— Dawn Whitwell


HDcanuck said...

I listened to it. Wish I hadn't, but I did!!

Rick Barnes said...

I agree with you, kinda stupid right!

HDcanuck said...

Corny is the word!!