Save St. Paul's Hospital Website

The Save St. Paul's Hospital Website was created to rally the community to stop the planned move of St. Paul's Hospital from its Burrard Street location to the False Creek flats. There are 130,000 people downtown who access St. Paul’s each day.

St. Paul's Hospital is located in the Westend of Vancouver. The hospital has become a community hospital unlike any other in British Columbia and developed a world wide reputation for HIV/AIDS care and research, Heart and Stroke rehabilitation and community involvement.

Are we about to lose the heart of our community? Downtown residents deserve to know the facts. We must have input into any decision regarding St. Paul’s that would impact on our community.

For further information contact: Steve McManus, 604-687-4062 fmn@telus.net; Aaron Jasper, 604-688-7888 aaron_jasper@hotmail.com or email the coalition at mail@savestpauls.wera.bc.ca. If you want to receive further information and updates, click here.

The coalition is supported by West End Residents Association, West Coast Gay Men’s Health Project, Mole Hill Community Housing Society and the St. Paul’s Hospital HEU Local.

An online petition to gather signatures of people concerned about the possible relocation of St. Paul's Hospital has been set up. The petition is located at www.stpauls.wera.bc.ca/petition/petition.shtml.

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