Conservative Blogger gets response

A Conservative Kelowna Blogger, Ted Gerk, that I have debated a number of issues with has taken me to task on a posting I made to my other Blog, Politics in BC entitled "Christian right a hate group - coming to Canada".

Fellow blogger Mike of Rational Reasons had this to say on Ted's blog. I have copied his comments here. I encourage you to post to Ted's blog but to do respectfully. I have found Ted to be generally polite, though I do disagree with him quite strongly.

"Respect is a two-way street. You cry foul here, invoking the ghosts of totalitarianism, to continue spreading fear, yet Bishop Henry and his ilk have never once shown any respect for the gay community. Read Rick's post again. The Knights of Columbus provide a great deal of good in any community. That is not the point. But you cannot deny that they are discriminating against gays. Now you may think that's ok, but you can't say they aren't doing it.

Bishop Henry and James Dobson are another story. They are actively promoting hatred against homosexuality, no matter how softly and eloquently they speak. Bishop Henry wants to outlaw a behaviour that has been shown by a great deal of scientific research to be perfectly natural. James Dobson thinks the same. This is more than a difference in philosophy. The difference between the NDP and the CPC is a difference of philosophy. Wishing oppress a minority group because you believe they are evil, immoral and less than fully human is another thing altogether - hatred.

I find it ammusing that you are upset at being demonized by the gay community. Why? Because you wish to retain the right to demonize them. No matter how you dress it up, Ted, that's hatred. And to hide behind a religion of love, compassion and forgiveness to do so is even more disturbing. I would recommend that you read some of the SSM postings on my blog:http://rationalreasons.blogspot....te- outside.htmlhttp://rationalreasons.blogspot....f- marriage.htmlhttp://rationalreasons.blogspot....atives- and.html
This one by wonderdog:http://barkingmadly.blogspot.com...- homophobe.html and last, but certainly not least, this one by Kevin Powell, a Lutheran Pastor:http://kevingpowell.blogspot.com...g- backdrop.html

I am sorry if you feel oppressed, demonized and picked on. No one should feel that. But remember that feeling. Remember that sadness and that anger. That is the way gays feel on a daily basis, because of the treament the get at the hands of the likes of Bishop Henry and James Dobson. Do you like feeling that way?Remember, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"The religious right IS a danger, not just to gays. And its not just gays that think so:http://thegreenknight.blogspot.c...ious- right.html

And for what its worth, I'm a straight, married father of 2 with 1 on the way, and I see the Religious Right as far more of a danger to my family than Same Sex Marraige will ever be."

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