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Gay teen Zach, out of Love In Action camp...

"I was especially impressed with the integrity of the protest organizers. When a TV camera man jockeyed to get a photo of Zach exiting the program, protesters discouraged him (and even distracted him) from getting the shot. The protesters I spoke with seek to protect Zach and his family's privacy. This is not about focusing on one teen, but on a system of injustice that seeks to target and recruit all queer teens." ~ Peterson Toscano, A Musing, June 28, 2005

I am happy there are people like Peterson Toscano to bring to attention the plight of our youth and others that are subjected to the abuse the religious right casts upon them.

Toscano is a survivor of the Christian Right's war on Gays and Lesbians. You can find out more of his efforts here.

For more on gay rights, Christian Activism, equal, gay or same-sex marriage, Stephen Harper, Social Conservatives, James Dobson, Bishop Henry, use the technorati search box in the side bar here and at Politics in BC.

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Peterson Toscano said...

It's amazing how this story will not go away. For the second time the state of TN is investigating this program, but most people know, even if in the end the investigation finds that there is no evidence of wrong doing, we know right from wrong. And forcing a teen into a program to fix him is wrong. Because he ain't broken!

Thanks for your well written posts and thanks for highlilghting how awesome the Memphis protesters are.