Defend Marriage uses deceit

Sometimes we are too smart. That's the case in North Vancouver. NorthVancouver Politics takes issue with Defendmarriage.ca over using a website that uses a URL that suggests you are going to Don Bell's site, the Liberal MP for North Vancouver.
"I have to say I don't know what irks me more: the blatant unauthorized use of another individual's identity or the misrepresentation of the facts camouflaged to suck unsuspecting individuals in to present a point of view." - NorthVancouver Politics June 9, 2005

This North Van Political blogger tears a strip of the Defend Marriage folks for their underhanded tactics. Jordan of Langley Politics who tipped me to this story asks why the Liberals had not registered the name to keep it away from the likes of people who would do just this. They should have, yet you wouldn't think the people purporting to be defending marriage and family values would go to such deceitful lengths.

I guess I am wrong again. Watch out as some of the Canadian Evangelical leadership take on even more American style campaigning here in Canada to defeat the evil men in this world, people like From the Heartlands

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HDcanuck said...

Quite the opposite, it is exactly the kinds of lengths I would expect religious wackos to stoop to. For fundies, the end justifies the means because their god is always right.