God rules America

A new poll out indicates Americans support "god" politics more than any other of its closest allies. Americans are far more willing to mix their faith and politics than people in other countries, according to an AP-Ipsos poll.

This is not breaking news to many of us, it confirms again how Americans come to the decisions they do with issues when other nations reach opposite points of view.

"Australians are generally split over the importance of faith, while two-thirds of South Koreans and Canadians said religion is central to their lives. People in all three countries strongly oppose mixing religion and politics."

Canadians tend to want our politicians to keep their faith out of the decisions they make. Some 50%+ Canadians that profess to have a religion say they are Catholic.

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also see how three American High School students did after they were refused the chance to attend official grad ceremonies. The three youths painted over graffitti that said "God Hates Fags" with the word "Love" in it's place then they ... painted some more.


HDcanuck said...

The United States is a nation in decline, economically and socially. Expect to see a corresponding rise in religious fundamentalism and an increase in human rights violations as a result. Guantanamo is the New America -- brace yourselves.

Sandi said...

Please just remember, that because we live here does not mean that every person in this country agrees with the policies.
We were just unable to get the right number of people out to vote. Not that I believe that the vote has anything to do with it, this administration would have put itself back in power anyway.
There is hope, there is an ever growing number of people that would like to see him impeached.
Keep your fingers crossed and maybe we can get this to happen.

HDcanuck said...

Yes I know that, I have several friends down there who are freaked. What is alarming though is the lack of any real opposition, either in the streets or in the Houses; the Democrats are proving themselves gutless. No one is calling the kettle black; there are peeps now that Gitmo is a "black eye" on America but no one will call it what it really is. A gulag is simply a prison or labour camp where political prisoners are held indefinitely without charges and without rights to counsel or defense. Not only should Bush be impeached, he, Cheney and Rumsfeld should all be tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity, right next to Saddam Hussein.

Rick Barnes said...


Good Luckk, I know many of you are working hard. The Bush administration is corrupt and mean.

I also agree with you Jim, the whole lot havve a great deal to answer for.

HDcanuck said...

The US war criminals are actually defending the "right" to keep these people without charge, without access to representation, without any outside contact, forever! Unbelievable, with a straight face how can a government that purports to defend "liberty" and "freedom" do this? To say the Geneva Conventions don't apply because "al Queda" didn't sign them is preposterous; last I checked the USA DID sign them! The right to be informed of the charges against you and to due process goes back to the Magna Carta. There should be a revolution over this if the US Constitution means anything at all.