Creationism is not biology

In America, you hear stories almost everyday about some school teacher or school board attempting to bring religious dogma into public schools. Some school districts even demand equal time for the Bible's story on how the world was created.

One would expect that the same school districts would then be offering the various "myths" offered by first nations from across North America. Not much chance of that occuring.

In the United States the Supreme Court ruled in 1987 that creationism, the belief that God created the universe as explained in the Bible, is a religious belief — not science — and may not be taught in public schools along with evolution.
"Creationism is not biology and has no place in a biology class," said Kent Willis, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia. "What makes it wrong is not the theory of creationism, but the teaching of creationism as part of a science class."

That kind of talk could get a locally elected school board trustee tossed out on his ear in many places in the United States. George Bush's America is becoming two nations under god and it is sharply devided. Even many Democrats are scared to bring out the wrath of social conservatives for fear of motivating them to come out and defeat them in an election. In a nation where fewer and fewer people are voting, it seems the power of a few dedicated souls can make the difference.

It is these people that have lead the fight to declare and pass constitutional State amendments, banning gay marriage. Sometimes fewer people are involved in these votes than watch a football game on television. There is no real seperation of state and religion in the United Staes or in Canada. In each country our national anthems cry for the protection of God. In America, their money says in "god we trust."

The dangers are many and growing almost as fast as James Dobson's bank account. Funded by large corporations and private trusts, the ilk of Dobson manage to elect people that will look you in the eye and swear that god created the earth and we all evolve from Adam and Eve.

Americans and now Canadians are refusing to take part in the electoral systems. They are not voting. They are not watching over their own future. All of this leads to handing off your rights to those that feel they know what is best for you.

Those who have been motivated to exercise their "control" over our nations have decided the the queer communities are among the greatest dangers to our nations. The religious right has been successfully mobilized to stop the "Satan" inspired civil rights movement of the United Staes and started the process in Canada. (In Canada the fight is being financed in large part by US Christian Activists.)

These Christian Activists will stop at nothing to win. They will tell lies, spend millions on deceitful advertisements, use fake websites and even refuse to state their own position on civil rights until after they are elected.

Going along with positions oppossing gay rights and abortions, these same people more often than not are opposed to unions, welfare and government paid health care. In essense they are walking mouth pieces for the large multi-national corporations like Adolf Coors and the Wal-Mart cartel of world thieves.

If we are to beat back this exercise of unnatural (s)election, then the queer community needs to find a voice and feet again. We need to actually get out to vote. How hard is it to do so every two or three years?

Here in BC, four years of Lorne Mayencourt representing the largest "queer vote" riding in BC (Vancouver-Burrard) was enough for most gays or so it would have seemed. They certainly made it clear to Mayencourt and Lorne himself lashed out at us after the election. How many queer folks said Lorne can't win and did not bother to vote. I suspect the percentage of voters was higher in the rich "straight" condo towers that encircle low rise walkups in the gay village.

We helped elect a queer man that openly supported one of BCs best known homophobes get elected. In Vancouver-Burrard we queers choose to let someone else do it to and for us.


Re-awakened Shaman said...

queers who didn't vote in this election better becareful about admitting their lack of civil responsibilty to me!

I'll offer my opinion on their lack of intelligence and tell them to never complain to me about the liberals!

Rick Barnes said...

Now that works for me

HDcanuck said...

I agree ... "did you vote?" is the first question I'm going to ask to anyone who bitches about the government this time around! If the answer's "no", my response will be "then you have no comment".

Rick Barnes said...

good luck