Harper's message to gays

Finally proof Stephen Harper doesn’t want gays to vote for him.

This Hour has 22 Minutes plays Conservative ads withdrawn at the last minute by some nervous nelly that thought they might still get some gay like Canadians like the log cabin republicans to vote for them.

These were hidden secretly within the Video Vault of CBC. Not anymore, time to tell your friends! They even dated them January 28, 2005. ummmm

Con ad 1 We’re not gays

Con ad 2 They want to hurt Families all the time

Con ad 3 Wants you to leave your Wife and marry a man

For more on Paul Martin, Stephen Harper on gay marriage and gay rights, use the Technorati search box in the side bar here and at From the Heartlands

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Anonymous said...

Ahh...good to see the CBC is being 'fair and balanced' as usual.

Rick Barnes said...

dear CONservative postie

So you will want Harper to keep it eh!