Republicans hiding behind gays for re-election

The United States is set for another round of elections. Many have written off the republicans as being toast afte the the last year where the President has seen his numbers reach the levels of unpopularity never seen by any other, perhaps Richard Nixon another Republican went lower.

Gays again will be important to the Republican campaign. Senate Majority leader Bill Frist (R-TN) will attempt to bring the marriage amendment forward this year for a full vote in both houses of congress. It is a political move to move the agenda away from that of George Bush and Iraq, the Republicans scandal in fundraising and of coursr the trouble former House Majority leader Tom DeLay is having.

Likely one of the most corrupt congresses in years and they have a way out. All they need to do is convince enough Americans that gay people getting married is far worse than the trampling of civil rights, forget about the war in Iraq and the absolute failure of the Department of Homeland Security in dealing with the Hurricanes.

The plan worked last time. The effort to get bans on gay marriage into state constitutions brought people out to vote, people that may not have otherwise. Will it work a second time? It could.

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Anonymous said...

Rick, all indications are that the gay marriage issue will be used as a diversion tactic in the upcoming elections in the US. Senators Frist and Brownback are already using the defence of marriage as their main talking point. Watch for the Chimp to start parroting "he believes in the sanctity of marriage" crap in the coming days. No doubt it will be a main focus in the state of the union fiasco that's is coming our way soon. Overall, the tactic works very well in the United States because people are prone to believe anything their mighty politicians tell them rather than saying hey, wait a minute...

HDcanuck said...

And when all else fails... blame Canada!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the morality! Give me a break, how can you tell the mid-term elections are coming up in the US? The otherwise virtually forgotten Gay rights issue comes up again.

Honestly, the Republicans should love Gay people, we get them so many votes.iteqd

Lept said...

Am I alone in suspecting that Stephen Harper is testing the water with the use of gay issues in Canada: aren't we the tip of an experimental wedge?
In the most recent L'actualité there is reference to what seems to be a useful site exploring the intimate links between our conservative zomboids and various fanatics in the states:
Harper's ties to the USA
ranging from the usual family values ranters to the equally usual NRA crap!