Soulforce finds more Hypocrisy - Lonnie Latham

In the wake of Pastor Lonnie Latham's arrest as the result of a police sting operation the issue of homosexuality and the Christian Right's hypocrisy is clear.

Soulforce is an organization trying to end spiritual violence against LGBT people. Robyn Murphy, spokesperson and director of public relations for Soulforce says, "Many people are attacking Rev. Latham for his hypocrisy, but instead we should be asking 'what informs that hypocrisy'?"

Murphy raises a good point. While Pastor Latham did in fact actively engage in supporting initiatives that denigrated and vilified homosexuality and gay people, he was obviously struggling with who he was against a monolithic brotherhood in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

The SBC is the second largest denomination in the United States. They have used their power and influence to roll back gay rights, to have marriage amendments made to state constitutions and to say it again, to vilify the gay community at any opportunity.

Latham of course participated in much of this. I am not sure he is gay, a few visits to a male prostitute hardly mean that. Of course this also brings up the matter of police sting operations.

I will have more on this later tonight. The experience of my partner, who spent years as Pastor in the church, in the the deepest darkest part of the SBC theocracy.

Update: My promised piece will not be available tonight. Trying for Sunday evening.

Here you can find, dripping with sincerity, links to the official statements of the South Tulsa Baptist Church, www.southtulsabaptist.org, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, www.bgco.org and Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, www.Baptist2Baptist.net

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