UnReformed Conservatives - David Chatters

An unReformed, Conservative...

"When you go into the issue of homosexuals and lesbians, I think it’s in the interests of society to have the right to discriminate against that group of people. ... I think society has a right on that basis to discriminate against them". David Chatters, MP Conservative for the Alberta riding of Westlock–St. Paul.

MP Chatters was the MP that introduced Bill C-213: An Act to protect the institution of marriage. Chatters is the MP for the Alberta riding of Westlock–St. Paul. The Act was presented in October 2004 and if passed would have excluded gay marriages.

Mr Chatters picked up an endorsement two days ago from Vote Marrriage Canada who are endorsing candidates that are anti choice and want to roll back equality rights to marriage.

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HDcanuck said...

How many of these guys have had it up the ass or blown dick in a washroom somewhere? There just has to be some "outing" ripe for the taking in the Conservative ranks, don'tchathink? I'd just love to see that happen.