true-believing Christians - It Humbled me too

Brokeback Mountain is a beautiful movie. A great story, but then I see myself in the movie, or friends, or the gay men I have met that have gone through this, or are still in the closet, scared, alone ...

"... It's been four days since I saw the film, and progressively, day after day, I have been forced to admit that I am ashamed of the way I felt about homosexuals. I literally had no concept of what life is truly like for these individuals, and must continue to be. In my heart I know that good, wholesome, long-standing friends of mine - true-believing Christians - have made life horrible for these people when they go out of their way to bad mouth them behind their backs (no one I know I think would get in someone's face), tell their children homosexuals are going to Hell, etc etc. ..." - I'm a Conservative Christian and This Film Changed My Mind

I wasn't expecting the movie to be such a success at the box office. I wasn't expecting it to win golden globes. I wasn't expecting it to do this stuff. I too am humbled.

Note: The posting by the Conservative Christian above is in dark contract to this article on Lifesite.net
Hollywood ‘Homosexualizing’ America.

Thanks to the Green Knight for pointing me to this post on the Daily Kos site.

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Solveig said...

Well, it is not an easy thing for christians. One thing I learned is that every person is special and worth love. And we cannot judge others before we judge ourselves and find no blame at all.
But it doesn't mean I have to approve of other people's way of life and conduct... does it?

Chimera said...

Aaah...don't lump all Christians into the same thought patterns. I am not Christian, but my in-laws are, and none of them are homophobic or disapproving. Each of us lives according to our own inner values. Nobody else's values should take precedence.

That is an incredibly beautiful picture of the aurora you have there. If you took that photo yourself, I'm really envious!

Rick Barnes said...


You don't have to approve. You don't even have to like. I choose to accept, to learn and most of the time I get along very well with Christians.


you are right, that is a fabulous picture on solveig's blog.

Chimera said...

I will be going to see Brokeback Mountain tonight (Friday, 20 January), on its first night in my local theater. Check my own site later for a review...

This, by the way, will be the first time in sixteen years that I have gone to a theater showing, and not waited for the movie to come out on video or disc!