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An unReformed, Conservative...

“There's a particular reason why Jesus called men only. It's not that women aren't co-participators. It's because Jesus knew women would naturally follow. Men, on the other hand, had to be called.” - Conservative Candidate David Sweet former President & CEO of Promise Keepers Canada - Rick Mercer's Conservative Cabinet

David Sweet is the Conservative candidate for the riding of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale near Hamilton. Last time out he won a sharply contested nomination there before the last election; this time, it was by acclamation.

When he sought the nomination the first time, his website underscored his six-year presidency of the Canadian chapter of Promise Keepers. This time, his website says only that he headed a "national non-profit organization." Promise Keepers, a huge and growing movement in the United States, describes its vision "to challenge Canadian men to discover the incredible life quest that God has for them as revealed by Christ and the Holy Scriptures." - from Valley Skeptics

I don't have a problem with the scriptures, just the way some people like to read them. Then again, seperation of church and state eh.

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Toronto Tory said...

Rick, the Conservative party is.. diverse.

David Sweet will be a backbencher. He doesn't speak for very many of us.

Anonymous said...

I've read that quote before and every time I see it I get a reverse meaning out of it. It always sounds to me like women are smart enough to see a good thing and men are so stupid they have to be lead around. Whatever, it's a stupid statement.

Anonymous said...

I think it's meant to be the reverse,(anyone who preports to know what people thought 2000 years ago is already on shaky ground) but its meant to demonstrate a lack of faith in human kind and shows insensitivity to sexuality issues and backward thinking. Mr. Sweet is against Gay Marriage in Canada, is a Christian Evangelical and Reformist and is not good for the country, nor the local riding which went to a lot of work to turf a bigotted Liberal (in favour of the now incumbent moderate Liberal). It looks like he may hoodwink the residents though through a disengenuous move to "erase" all traces of his prior secular and religious right political attachments.