Brokeback Mountain taking down barriers

Oh to be a Log Cabin Republican today. It surely must hurt deep down inside. Brokeback Mountain, is breaking down walls and doing better than many thought it could.

More on the movie here at Queer Thoughts and here and at the Washington Post.

The story is compelling and for the first time Americans can see a gay man for what he is, a real live person. Theatre crowds are coming out with tears in their eyes and its not only the women. The movie tells it like it is for many many gay men. It doesn't pull any punches, in fact a few fly as the two lead actors try to figure it all out.
"...what's remarkable about "Brokeback Mountain" is merely that for possibly the first time, homoeroticism is the text, not the subtext." - Stephen Hunter, Washinton Post, December 25, 2005

On top of 7 Golden Globe nominations, the Screen Actors Guild have nominated the movie for four awards, more than any other.

The success of the movie is its honesty. it doesn't sugar coat how men had to deal with who they are, it doesn't hide the sexual attraction, the lust or the pain of being apart. There are no fade away scenes when they close in for a kiss.

Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay people in the republican party have long fought against the kinds of images seen in Brokeback Mountain. Preferring not to inflame the Christian Right, preferring to hide behind their suits so as not to bring out the "yuck factor". The Yuck Factor is what some straight and certainly the far Christian Right men have when they envision two men making out.

Well, the movie has done all this while showing the pain, the joy, the struggle of gay men and in particular gay men that have married because they had too, was expected of them or they just didn't know better.
"Brokeback Mountain, with its vulnerable performances and clear-sighted direction, is about our natural human struggle. Our longing to belong pressed up against our longing to be ourselves. Our desire to live peacefully (and safely) pressed up against our need to live truthfully." - Frankengirl Blog, January 3, 2005
If you haven't seen this movie check it out. Its made for the big screen, now I can hardly wait to hear President Bush's response after the viewing in the Whitehouse. I bet he is moved to tears. Oh Yuck!

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frankengirl said...

Go, Brokeback!

:) Very cool blog. Thanks for the quotage.

HDcanuck said...

Saw Brokeback last night - and loved it. Finally an honest portrayal of male homosexuality. It also reminded me of why I can't stand "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and its insulting treatment of both gay and straight men.