The Book of Daniel

The radical US Christian Right is again attempting to use its Bush and Republican inspired clout to force NBC to cancel a new TV series called "The Book of Daniel". The show appears on NBC on Friday with a two hour preview special 9pm/8pmc.

American Family Association (AFA) recently led an assualt on the Ford Motor Company because of Ford's sponorships the gay community and same-sex employee benefits. The effort failed due in large part because many people supporting equality let Ford know they supported Ford's efforts. The AFA continues to at putting a boycott against Ford.

Now the AFA, who never let facts get in the way of bashing the gay community or those that support equality have gone after NBC.

"NBC's upcoming series "The Book of Daniel," a drama about an Episcopal priest and his family, has prompted a protest from anti-gay religious extremists in part because the show features a gay character as the priest's son. Emmy-nominee Aidan Quinn stars as the Reverend Daniel Webster, Christian Campbell plays his gay son, and Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn stars as Bishop Beatrice Congreve. "

Again those of us that support equlity need to let another target of the hate motivated AFA know we welcome this kind of programming on television.

Find official show photos here at www.TV.com. The photo's are not yet on NBC.

You can contact NBC directly, here are the links care of GLAAD.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: Please Take Five Minutes to Take Action NowIt is important that the NBC network and NBC affiliates understand that these anti-gay groups with the deceptive names do not speak for America's families. Let them hear your voice in support of the broadcast of "The Book of Daniel."

Please contact the NBC affiliate in your market (Canadians can send comments directly to NBC) to let them know you want the freedom to choose whether to watch "The Book of Daniel," and encourage your affiliate not to give in to pressure from anti-gay extremists who seek to censor this program. CONTACT: You can locate your NBC affiliate in your phone book or by clicking here: http://www.nbc.com/nbc/header/Local_Stations

Please contact NBC directly and thank the network for broadcasting "The Book of Daniel," acknowledging the importance of seeing gay people on television, especially gay people of faith. Take Action Now!

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