Washinton State close to Gay Rights

Washington State is looking at providing protection to Queer communities using legislation. The issue has been on and off the agenda in the Evergreen State for almost 30 years and it has never quite got there. I have many fond memories of Washington and have often wondered how it is they have never been able to pass legislation protecting gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans folks prior to this.
The measure would add "sexual orientation" to a state law that already bans discrimination in housing, employment and insurance based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, marital status and other factors. The bill has been introduced -- and rejected -- annually for nearly 30 years in the Legislature. - Kiro TV report

In so many ways the State is progressive, at least in so far as you compate it to many other American states. The other is that many of us in British Columbia have an affinity to Washington. Its likely people in this state are more informed on Canadian issues and US Canada relations than any other American state. We see so many visit our province and we are pretty happy to have you do so.

Seattle is not just a coffee city, or wet though we know all about the wet in coastal BC. It is a progressive city, King County has long promoted anti-discrimation policies and supported education and peer projects for the Queer communities.

My first visits to Seattle involved the Marshall's Office Saloon, a gay bar in some part of the city I can no longer recall. It was a friendly place and I felt at home, arriving most weekends. Of course one of the reasons I felt at home was that I was seeing the guy that owned the place. That always helps. I was nicknamed Lil Bud as at the time Bud came out with the small beer cans. If I wasn't the lil bud I was Canadian Bacon. I learned what a Canadian hot dog was one day down on Pier. No not that, it was the large hot dog and until that day had no idea that is what a big hot dog was called.
House bill 2661: State law bans discrimination based on race, sex, religion, marital status, disability and other categories. The bill would add sexual orientation to that list. Democratic leaders expect the measure to pass the House by the end of the week. That would put the issue before the Senate.

So now Washington State is looking at legislation protecting us. I hope it happens this time. I hope and call upon all of the queer community, whereever you live in your state to take this issue up, call your local state member and local state senator. Tell them you support equality. I am sure you all know other people, from queer communities or the straight world. Call them, get them to make a call too. Don't wait another 30 years to correct this injustice.
OLYMPIA — The lawmaker tapped to speak for Senate Republicans opposing gay-rights legislation is an affable, soft-spoken man who believes gays will go to hell unless they change their ways. - Seattle Times, January 18, 2006

Local state members and senators that are supporting us with this effort rely on you to act. They are doing the right thing. Get a hold of them and those opposed to equality, be heard be seen, they deserve your support. This is not a special right, this is a human right you are asking for. Nothing less than being considered a full fledged American citizen. Take your citizenship.

Also contact Microsoft, tell them you are happy they support Washinton's effort to pass legislation for equality.

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Chimera said...

From the article: "Swecker said he was an atheist before going to a weekend religious retreat with his wife at age 32 and becoming a Christian."

Man, I would love to know what it was that washed his brain for him -- I could use that kind of detergent to get the road tar off my car's undercarriage...

"I want those people to know the truth so they can be in heaven with me, if that's possible."

Well, now, if it turns out that there actually is a heaven, point me in the opposite direction, please. The last place I wanna end up is wherever this guy's gonna be!