Brokeback Mountain Lifts me up

With the commercial success of Brokeback Mountain all manner of stuff is coming out of the closet into the mainstream including this little poem recorded in the 1880's. I post it here to take a moment away from the election here in Canada.

My lover is a cowboy
He’s kind, he’s brave, he’s true
He rides the Spanish pony
and throws the lasso, too
And when he comes to see me
And our vows we have redeemed
He puts his arms around me
And then begins to sing:
Oh, I am a jolly cowboy,
From Texas now I hail,
Give me my saddle and pony
And I’m ready for the trail.
I love the rolling prairie
Where we are free from care and strife,
And behind a herd of long-horns,
I will journey all my life.

Unnamed poem written in Texas in the 1880s and recorded by Charlie Siringo, a cowboy in the 1870s

Brokeback Mountain is up for the Golden Globe awards tonight. It does not really matter if it does achieve a golden globe, though it is likely to do well. The major bonus of Brokeback Mountain for its makers is its huge commercial success. For gay men in America, its commercial success means more people now get it.

The movie tells the story staright ahead. No beating around the bush. It does not apologize for telling us this love story. A movie that lifts the hearts of people who have been there, of people that can now see its not just sex! Now that is a new concept to many straight folks.

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