Stand Up to Alito!

The polls are saying 40% of identified Democrats say dump Alito, 40% say let him in and the rest don't know.

The Washington Post gets a plausable response to this poll data from Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster. The pollster told the WP, "three factors have helped defuse what many thought would be a huge fight: the holidays, the dominance of other issues, and the lack of an effective and overarching argument against Alito by Democrats."

I couldn't agree more. The Democrats should be leaders here. Sure it would be great to find the "smoking gun" and some have been found, certainly enough to justify to a Democratic Senator that he or she has to stop his confirmation.

"A groundswell of opposition hasn't arisen," said Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center for People and the Press, told the Washington Post, his organization's most recent poll showed that the Alito nomination is attracting minimal attention. "You're going to have to really get some significant news out of these hearings to move the needle in a negative way."

Moving the needle should not be the goal for the Democrats on the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. Moving Alito out of the way should be. Fail to do this and you the United States of America moves one more step toward becoming the United Theocracy of America, a place not so unlike Iran, where diviation from the official thought can get you into serious doo doo.

How hard a concept is this for the Democrats? I am sure they get it. I am sure some will fight his nomination. What I am getting worried about here is leadership. Do leaders decide all things based on the latest poll. Think about that. Some pollster calls some poor guy about to sit down to his dinner and the phone rings. The pollster says do you think the Democrats should support the nomination of some guy named Alito to the Supreme Court. All the guy wants to do is get back to his dinner.

The Editoral in The Nation says it best ...
And never in memory has a single nomination so threatened to redirect the Court as Alito's, which would replace the pragmatically conservative swing-voter Sandra Day O'Connor. Alito's opening statement before the Judiciary Committee is January 9, but his true testimony consists of fifteen years of rulings on issues from abortion to school prayer to immigration. That record demonstrates that Alito is at odds with the interests of ordinary Americans."

Killing the nomination is the best thing the Democrats can do for the future of America. Show you stand for something and what you won't stand for!

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Cya @ Ikea said...

Alito Bork. Bork Alito. Let’s call the whole thing off...

I think it’s imperative that we boldly reinforce, in the public’s mind, the Bork-Alito connection. The GOP should not be allowed to exploit the skin-deep contrast between Bork’s Reagan-era right-wing bravado and Alito’s coolly evasive and placatory rhetoric.

There is one orgaization in particular dedicated to getting this message across (http://www.goodstorm.com/stores/leftink). I found at least two shirt designs devoted to raising awareness of Alito’s pernicious agenda. I recommend checking them out. I’m really thinking about getting the “Acusar Bush” shirt for my mom.