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An unReformed Conservative...

"...I would want to pose the question to the Senate on this issue: How would sexual orientation be protected? I have three children between the ages of 13 and 5. If this bill is passed, what we teach them at home will be different from what they will learn at school. Already, there are pamphlets dealing with homophobia. Homophobia is everyone's problem.

The fact is that I am not homophobic. I happen to believe that homosexuality is wrong. If that makes me homophobic, then these pamphlets are telling my children that their mother is homophobic and putting a very nasty name to something which I feel is a deeply held conviction." - Cindy Silver Conservative Candidate, then Focus on the Family Lawyer appearing before The Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, to which was referred Bill S-2, to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (sexual orientation). April 19, 1996

Did I read that right, she doesn't want her children to think she is homophobic because she has deeply held homophobic views?

"I'm not far right in my policies," she says. "People who know me are not scared." Cindy Silver in North Shore News article. The only trouble with that statement is that Cindy's best friends are located at Focus on the Family and Real Women. I am Scared!

Hiding Agendas (5): Cindy Silver's appearance before the senate

Cindy Silver worked for five years as a Legal Consultant (Public Policy) for Focus on the Family Canada. She was a (may still be) Christian Legal Fellowship member and past CLF executive director.

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HDcanuck said...

"I'm not racist, some of my best friends are ..."

Ryann said...

people scare me.

I voted yesterday. (and not for any freaky homophobic anti-everyone fear-based faith arguments)