A few surprises for everyone

The election was not too out of line as to what was predicted with the exception of the large loss the Liberals took in Ontario. The Liberals finished with their worst record ever in percentage of votes. John Turner can now go back to the cocktail parties and hear jokes about Stephane instead of himself.

There were some nice little surprises for everyone however. The Bloc did manage to claw their way back albeit with 7 or 8 fewer seats. The Liberals in Toronto feel a little better with Kennedy, the Dion Maker making it in what turned out not to be so close a race with the popular Peggy Nash and Hedy the flame thrower in Vancouver Centre confounded everyone again, just how does she keep winning?

The Conservatives have a increased their seat count and have added a seat in PEI for the first time in a generation and managed to hold onto 10 Quebec seats. The Greens rose in a couple of percentage points in the poular vote and Elizabeth May did them proud (mostly) on the campaign trail.

The big winner though not as big as they wanted to be was the NDP. The NDP picked up 8 seats and held onto their one Quebec seat against all odds. Perhaps more stunning was the win by Linda Duncan in Edmonton and the seat in St. Johns Newfoundland and Labrador, like the Conservatives in PEI, its the first time in a generation.

In the end its easy to say we are right back where we started. Thats not the case. Although we have a minority Government, we see that the Liberals are not the party they once were. More on that in another post.

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