Palin supporters seeing the bear as a symbol of Palin opponent

Palin supporters seeing the bear
as a
symbol of Palin opponent

It appears the bear cub killing may have been a very calculated act. There is a website in Alaska, the state where Sarah Palin reigns supreme. The site is called Grizzly Bay and they don't like Sarah Palin or the republicans. Since the announcement that Palin was the VP running mate for the republicans, the people running Grizzly Bay website have had over 600,000 hits, most of them Sarah Palin supporters. These republicans have some very scary things to say..

The similarity of tone and metaphor of the hate mails was uncanny. They were often infused with violent threats against bears and wildlife and often used the same violent metaphors. Threatening to “barbecue bears”, “eat bear steaks”, “shoot bears”, and “hang bears” up on their walls, Palin supporters were particularly virulent about describing the infliction of violence upon an animal that our website supports. It is not insignificant that the implication of these emails was that liberals and “demorats” should be barbecued right alongside the bears. As one Palin supporter wrote, “Too bad you dumb fucks can't be hunted from the air...now that would be sport”.

Since Palin has a pathological hatred of bears (and all wildlife), threatening to kill them became a common way for Palin supporters to express their support for her when writing to us – the authors of a website that comes up on the first page of a google search on “Sarah Palin”. We have gotten over 600,000 hits to our website in less than two months – which translates into lots of Palin supporters seeing the bear as a symbol of Palin opponents – or Obama supporters." - Grizzlybay.org

The killing of this bear is in fact a signal to others, don't mess with this election, don't vote for Obama. Its pretty clear that Palin supporters have identified the bear as a proxy "Democrat for Obama" voter.

What else could happen in the United States? This is much worse than I thought. I just hope we don't see any more bears killed in this fashion.

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