If the World could vote

In Canada 88% of us so far would vote for Obama.
Have a look here and vote yourself!

It's an exciting time out here. We watch with a fascination and a little trepidation. How could the USA choose anyone but Obama. The world needs a strong, healthy and wise American President. Nothing fits the bill better than President Obama.


Chimera said...

Getting closer to 89% and climbing.

In the past few weeks, I've answered several polls (for which I'm a registered participant with licensed polling firms) on the American election. I've "voted" for Abama every time, and every time, I vote, a little window pops up and asks, "Are you sure?" I finally stopped getting the polls a couple days ago. I think they're catching on... ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah so why not vote for McCain? Why not go with something that is tried, tested and true instead of an inexperienced empty suit?

Sorry. Obamania. I just don't get it. The 90's ruled. 21st centuy sucks.

Chimera said...

Because what is tried is tired, what it tested has failed, and none of it is true.

CHOICE is a reason for voting for Obama.

Letting people live their own lives without interference from others is a reason for voting for Obama.

The 21st Century is a reason to vote for Obama.

And you don't have to "get it" right away. We'll wait for you to catch up and you won't lose anything in the meantime. And you absolutely CANNOT say that about McCain!

Rick: Word verification this time is, "sphar." To which I would like to reply, "sgood." ;)

Anonymous said...

I meant why not hillary and why Obama

I'm a Dem. and going for McCain. He was there since, 2000, we know him and he's not Bush.

Duh ..

He's OK, he's not Bush, it wouldn't be a third Bush term ..

That's right. We need more choice. And Obama would give us less of that.

SO you say you want govt out of your life but want Obama? Unless you mean foreign intervention in which case .. Bush isn't even a real conservative, the necoons hijacked the GOP in '00 .. however fighting communism was good.

Iraq was a mistake but what it has been alluded to - wasn't. Vietnam was good.

It is absolutely true in the 21st century nations don't invade other nations. Russia shouldn't. The U.S. should not, either - Iraq. Afghanistan was OK but Iraq .. the War In Iraq has got nothing to do with the War on Terror.

Iran would, however. Now it's too late. We're bogged down in Iraq and Iran is rising. Nice one Bush.

I'm not hoping for a war with Iran but, if it happens.. I'm for it. That's where it all started from. Sometimes the only solutions are the military ones.

Sometimes. But that's ok .. in time you too will understand.

Chimera said...

"I meant why not hillary and why Obama"

I woulda been okay with Hillary, but some people thought she had too much baggage in the form of a husband who had "been there, done that, and might want to do it again."

"We need more choice. And Obama would give us less of that."

We'll just have to wait and see, won't we? Personally, I don't believe it.

"...you say you want govt out of your life..."

No. That's not what I said. Pay attention, please.

Anonymous said...

Baggage .. pls. So?

This article sums it up well.

Since you're gay you do know Obama threw your people under the bus, right? And anyway, it's not homophobia, it's tradition .. I'm for civil unions but not gay marriage. But this is something else.

Rick Barnes said...

Despite a huge effort to limit voting by installing too few voting machines in heavily black districts, not having enough ballots and broken down machines, its clear nothing would dissuade people from having their vote count in this election!

Rick Barnes said...


I supported Hillary to the end. I believe she would have done as well or perhaps better than Obama, that said, its not something we will ever know. Obama has done something incredible and he DID WIN!

It was important to elect a Democrat to be President and Obama is a fabulous choice.

McCain was not up to it, was a Bush supporter and worse, picked Sarah Palin as a running mate.

McCain was also a republican and that's a big no no in my books!

Chimera said...

"Since you're gay you do know Obama threw your people under the bus, right?"

Who says I'm gay?

And I don't think Obama threw anyone under a bus. In his speech, he specifically called upon and acknowledged, "gay and straight" citizens. And he wrote that speech himself. He did not have a team of speechwriters on it. So I'm taking him at his word.

Besides, he doesn't strike me as the kind of political leader who will let his own personal beliefs get in the way of civil rights for all citizens, including the rights of gay men and women to marry. After all, he also calls himself a Christian, and I don't see Jews and Buddhists and Witches running for cover because they're afraid he's gonna start a pogrom. He's 'way too close to a recent history of being denied civil rights, himself, for reason over which he had absolutely no control, to want to pull that kind of shit on anyone else. Hell, in most states, his own parents could not legally marry!