study shows gays make less, lesbians more

study shows gays make less, lesbians more

There is a new study out on incomes for Gay and lesbian people in Canada. The new study found gay men make about 12 percent less than straight men and Lesbian women made a staggering 15 percent more than straight women.
Canadian Journal of Economics provides the first evidence on sexual orientation and economic outcomes in Canada. The study found that gay men have 12 percent lower personal incomes and lesbians have 15 percent higher personal incomes than heterosexual men and women. Christopher S. Carpenter of The Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California Irvine used data from the Canadian Community Health Survey which includes standard demographic questions as well as self-reports on sexual orientation. - e! Science News
This is not rocket science. Most of us would guess that gay men work largely in service and helping professions and lesbian women are more likely to work in non-traditional roles than straight women. Educational levels are also something that has been known observationally.

It is good to see the data quantified. It would be useful to see why it is gay men are in jobs that pay less than jobs straight men have and why they pay less, and why lesbian women tend to go to more non traditional roles.


Butch Boo said...

Interesting......wish I was one of those lesbians who earned considerably more!!



Rick Barnes said...

Hey BB, wish i was one of those lesbians too!!!