Bobbing for votes

Bobbing for votes

Liberals you want to play this way! Bob Rae just called New Democrat voters stupid.

"In the last 10 days, we've really got to focus on what are the real choices. And I honestly believe the NDP is not a viable choice anymore," Rae said after rallying about 40 supporters.
That kind of stuff will ensure that Bob Rae's Liberals will not become government. The Liberals have done this almost every election since 1968. The best part is that Rae said it to a huge crowd of 40 supporters.

Bob Rae you should know better.


janfromthebruce said...

Bobby just called me stupid??? I posted right after you at Now magazine.
There is something really crazed about NOW, as I keep on reading bashing liberal stories in it (and by that writer), and yet, there's Alice Klein, bless her soul, corp. owner of NOW, stomping her little heart out for votefortheenvironment, code for vote liberal, to stop the right-wing hordes. We've been hearing this myth for years. The jigs up. Time to call libs' bluff or more appropriately "bull".
Any who, too funny about those 40 party faithful - must have been a real barn burner.Hmm....
Burn, Bobby, Burn

Ricky Barnes said...

NOW has some cool articles, but Alice's Liberal bent is clear. Still the magazine is worth reading.