God's plan video

Some people actually believe all this stuff. Check out this video, it spoofs the republicans but its a little too close to the truth. I was a little upset by the end of it. My stomach was in rough shape. It almost made me sick, especially as a gay person.

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McCain Palin Flashcards for God's Plan

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Chimera said...

I would think it would make anybody sick who has a shred of humanity in his body.

But didja notice that the two categories that he hesitated on (and got them wrong) were ones that could go either way, depending on how the interviewer interpretted those categories?

"Boy Scouts" require a declaration of belief in "god," but they are also taught to respect their fellow beings and treat their environment with care. That one could go either way.

And then, "pregnant teens." Could be interpretted as allowing teens to think of sex as normal and natural, or that pregnancy is a deserved punishment for thinking so.

Disturbing how close this video actually comes to some of those who yatter endlessly at those of us who want none of them...