Now officially an arm of the Conservative party

...get over it!

The Harper team is in big big trouble. When they start calling on their friends to abandon all sense of non-partisanship and to overtly endorse them, you know harper is desperate. The National Citizens Coalition is saying stay the course, Harper and the Conservatives have the answer.

The pretence is gone behind the NCC. They are now officially an arm of the Conservative party!
'What this country needs is a government that will keep spending under control, and do all it can to help small businesses. Except for the Conservative party, all our federal parties have proposed to significantly increase spending, increase taxes or increase both. One has to look no further than Bob Rae’s Ontario of the 1990s to see that increased spending and increased taxes resulted in an economic disaster.' NCC Blog

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'...So before you bombard me with e-mails accusing me of being bias towards the Conservative party - get over it!'

I'm over it!

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