(S)Harper Index

(S)Harper Index

number of Conservative campaign staff resignations from the start of the campaign - 2

theoretical rolls of duct tape purchased by the conservative party campaign to keep candidates from saying anything - 1200 blue (for boys), 7 pink

percentage of Canadians that are scared of a Harper majority government - 52

range of the percentages of Canadians that say they will vote conservative - 36 to 40

minimum number of plagiarized speeches made by Stephen Harper on Iraq - 1

age at which a young Canadian can be sent to prison for life if Conservatives win a majority - 14

age that same young person can consent to have sex - 16

age at which a Canadian can consent to being a soldier in Afghanistan - 18

number of Canadian troops killed in Afghanistan- 101

number of political parties that voted to keep Canadian troops in a combat role in Afghanistan until at least 2011 - 2 Conservatives and Liberals

number of political parties opposed to staying in a combat role in Afghanistan - 2 NDP and BLOC

number of Canadians killed as a result of Listeriosis this summer - 20

Number of Canadian food inspectors laid off since 1996 - 1300

best political party use of web 2 - NDP

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Anonymous said...


Thats great. Can't wait for more. I follow you on Twitter, Who am I!

Aunty Bertha said...

Rick, the number of listeriosis deaths is now up to 20