Vote for the environment by voting against it...

Vote for the environment by voting against it...

I never ever thought I would see Joyce Murray and Vote for the Environment in the same sentance...

That's what the Liberal message is these days. Take the Liberal MP in
Vancouver Quadra. Joyce Murray was once the minister responsible for the environment in BC. That may sound like a winner for you but look a little deeper. Murray was appointed minister of water, land and air protection. The BC Liberal Premier, Gordon Campbell had removed the word environment.

Murray laid off hundreds of wildlife officers, slashed 1800 jobs in her ministry,
ended moratoriums that blocked new salmon fish farms and the hunting of grizzly bears, watered down pesticide and waste management regulations. Murray was a disaster at protecting the environment taking the ministry built up under the NDP as a one of the biggies and making it more or less, a cash and carry store.

Murray had a terrible record as a provincial Liberal environment minister.
Vote for Environment says vote for Murray. This is what makes the Vote for the Environment site so irritating. I can not see how any environment voter in the NDP or Green that would be able to hold their nose and vote for Murray.

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