Dion sings for your vote

The unDion boys

Ladies and gentleman, may I present the Dion pleadings, a ritual Liberal election happening...

Its not unusual for us to be this close to election day and the Liberals move into high gear, ie, vote for us or the sky will fall. They make the plea to New Democrats and often as not in the past it has worked for the liberals. Yet after the election, all those progressive values that needed protection from the big bad Tories, well, they weren't real promises the liberals meant to keep this time, they hold that as a carrot for the next election. See how that works, I bet you do and so do many more people this time out.

The Liberals have said we need the progressives in this election to win. That's code for we need you to vote liberal so we can save our behinds. They go into Saskatoon where a liberal doesn't stand a chance of being elected school monitor let alone MP. Bob Rae says vote Liberal, the sky is falling and then runs out of town. What earthly good does it do for the liberals to send Bob Rae Saskatoon when we all know the NDP is the progressive choice. Because this vote progressive is really only a one way street for the liberals.

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Anonymous said...


The 2008 election captured in youtube vids:

Harper: Out of touch and callous

Dion: hapless and hopeless

Layton: Gets it and Wins

janfromthebruce said...

It's really hard to see where you click to post.
That was pretty funny. Yap, we're stickin' with jack.