May gets Duffy in the Kisser

Credit where it is due!!!!

I like Ms. May, too bad she will not win in her riding. Central Nova could only go NDP with the progressive vote. I want May, next time a winning riding.

thanks Scott...

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noamzs said...

That was certainly a great video. You're right about May being hard pressed to win her riding. Just imagine, if we had proportional representation, not only would she get into parliament, but she's be taking about 30 MPs with her. Pretty amazing that under the current system, she'll be lucky to get one or two. This is why I am boycotting the coming election, and urging everyone to join me. We so desperately need electoral reform that drastic action needs to be taken. This is the only way to send a loud and clear message to the powers that be that we need to have a national discussion about this.