Flannagan's Ten Commandments

Build that fireWall...

John Gormley a columnist for the The StarPhoenix in Saskatoon and host of a right wing radio talk show reminds us of the Conservative campaigners 10 commandments as written by former Reform party and Conservative back room strategist Tom Flannagan.

Among the 10 is number 2 moderation -- 'veering too far right from the median Canadian voter spells defeat.' Flanagan's list according to Gormley also suggests - 'incrementalism or, in the words of the great Edmund Burke, providing change by "insensible degrees."'

You can find Gormley's column here where you will see Flanagan's 10 commandments.

The mantra of Harper's minority government has in fact been incrementalism and duct tape. Ministers are not to say anything that isn't approved by the PMO ahead of time. All policy is driven out of the PMO. All advertising and government announcements are decided by the PMO.

These measures ensure Harper can control the message Canadians hear and see, is one of moderation (some of us see it as a little less moderate) and we miss the 'incremental' steps being taken toward less government and unfettered capitalism and finally the creation of ten little provincial fiefdoms that share borders but little else in common with other Canadians. Indeed he has begun to build the fire wall around Alberta (and each province).

Harper ditched much of his central Canada view of the world when he went west. He found god and god told him to build a wall around Alberta so those godless catholic energy-sucking easterners can no longer interfere in the pursuit of the capitalist dream.

Harper's ultimate plan is to build a federation consisting of ten very autonomous provinces and a federal government with little or no ability to interfere. That's a recipe for becoming the 51st state in all but name. Canadians have not warmed up to Harper. Even out west there are few that really like him. He is leading them to the promised land so they follow for now.

Today Harper and the Conservatives release their platform. Less than a week to voting day. They need to appeal to cities and women and Quebec if they want to form a majority. I wonder what magic the platform will have for us.

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