'A' type guy misses gay debate

The A's are guys like me...

remember this...

Neo-con Harperite had a bad media spell when the provincial NDP lost the election in Saskatchewan and moved over into the Opposition party offices. In the bottom of some file box the NDP found a tape left behind by the Saskatchewan Party. I guess they were so excited they forgot to take their dirty laundry with them.

The tape had Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre, saying; "There's A's and there's B's. The A's are guys like me, the B's are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases." The comments were made in 1991 while Lukiwski was helping out the Progressive Conservatives.

Lutiwski apologised when the video was released to the media by the NDP. He told CBC on April 4, 2008, "If I could take those comments back, I would," the Conservative MP for Regina Lumsden-Lake Centre said. "I would give anything to take those comments back. They do not reflect the type of person that I am. I can only say that on behalf of myself, my family and my children, I am sorry. I am ashamed."

I expect he was ashamed. I mean he was a Progressive Conservative then. Now he's just a Conservative. The ironic bit is that the previous MP in this riding was none other than Larry Spencer, then a Canadian Alliance, (the other half of the right wing merger) MP and critic for family issues. Spencer as many of you will recall was suspended for saying nasty stuff about gays.

So why am I raising this old issue during the election? Mr. Lutiwski declined to attend a public forum sponsored by the gay community in his riding. Another conservative no show for the score keeper at the Gazetteer and here where Cathie has more StealthCons.

Lutiwski was likely a no show because Harper did not want the 'GAY' issue and lack of tolerance by many in his party to become an election issue. The Conservative candidate did respond to the forum with written answers to questions submitted to him. Lutiwski must have a set of balls though, he asked the gay community for their support on election day.

The "StealthCon" term is RossK's great invention, and he defines it thusly:

A StealthCon is a Harpertronic conservative candidate who ducks the media and especially the public. Their most egregious acts of stealthitude occur when they subvert democracy completely by refusing to show up at all candidates meetings where the voters, instead of watching ads on the TeeVee actually head out the door in an effort to find out, via their own eyes and ears, what they will (or will not) be voting for.
StealthCon I, II and III are here, here and here.

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