It May not happen like they wish

May,(BE) not so fast...

Elizabeth May is a good candidate in the wrong riding. She deserves to be in parliament yet she is not going to make it. She can not make it in Central Nova. May should have chosen a more urban seat to run in. The Liberals and Greens were way behind the NDP and Conservatives in the last election there and May, although her vote will go up, largely drawing from those that have not voted before and some Liberals will go her way.

The Liberals seem to have a lot riding on the riding results even if they do not have a candidate running under their name. Their candidate is Green party Candidate May. 10,349 people voted for the Liberals in this riding in the last election.

Some high profile Liberals arranged a back room meeting so May could meet other key Liberals. The meeting drew only 35 Liberals including guest speaker Senator Jim Cowan. "We need her," he said reported STEPHEN MAHER of the Chronicle Herald

"The country needs her. Stephane Dion needs her, and I ask you to do your part," continued Senator Cowan. Also there to help out was provincial Liberal president Derek Wells and a retired Senator. Cowan told the Chronicle Herald that key Liberals were backing Ms. May.

It is ironic that the progressive vote in Central Nova is not for the leader of the Green Party. That does not take anything away from the the NDP candidate, its just as the national media in focusing on this riding did not look at the ground there. They were instead sensationalising. They were there to see the two stars in the race, May and Conservative War Minister MacKay duke it out for the cameras.

The real race is between the NDP and Conservatives as much as many would like the fairy tale race to happen. NDP candidate Louise Lorefice has a lot of help and her message resonates better than May's and the Liberals.

The Conservative email, a portion of it reproduced above is a real reflection of what is happening. Are any of you really surprised?

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Saskboy said...

The NDP are blowing smoke. Their candidate is not the same as last election in Central Nova. The race is between May and P. MacKay. The NDP are continuing to play spoiler in that riding. They missed the boat, and will probably hand the Conservatives another MP.

Anonymous said...

"continuing to play spoiler"...

Since when is running a candidate "playing spoiler"? I think your letting your wish for May to win cloud your judgment.