Republican shenanigans again and again and ...

Republican shenanigans again and again and ...

We have heard the stories, we all remember 2000 when George W Bush became president due to several nasty tricks and 550 votes more than Gore were counted for him. (Remember not all votes were counted and all those hanging chads.) You may have heard of notices sent out into black neighbourhoods that announced voting for republicans was on one day and democrats vote the next day. These tactics led to suppressing the vote.

In Ohio in 2004, districts which voted Democrat had fewer voting machines and staffing forcing many people to wait up to 8 hours to vote. Many did not or could not wait and George W Bush won the election in Ohio by a slim margin. Don't get me going on voting machines and all the problems that were identified there as more problems are occurring there again.

Here is a handy list of Republican shenanigans again...

Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide

... New Mexico
The state GOP earlier this month held a press conference at which it released the names of 10 voters it said had voted fraudulently in a Democratic primary in June. After ACORN helped established that the voters, almost all Hispanic, were in fact legitimate, TPMmuckraker and others reported that GOP lawyer Pat Rogers apparently hired a private investigator, who intimidated some of the voters by going to their homes to question them about their voting status. Rogers, the P.I. and the state party are now being sued for voter intimidation by several voting-rights groups.

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