make them add up to 155

I can't make them add up to 155...

It looks like this too me...

Porcelain bus has a good list for tonight

Conservatives 125 to 140
Liberals 80 to 100
NDP 39 to 48
Bloc 49 to 57
Green 0

NDP growth to be in BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec

Liberal's will lose seats in Ontario and BC, pick up in Quebec and NFLD. Ontario 905 is vital to the Liberals. They have to hold it or they could have a really bad night.

Conservatives will pick up in Ontario and may lose to NDP in BC but pick up from Liberals. Quebec could be a wipe out!

The NDP stand to pick up to 6 - 9 seats in Ontario, 3 in Saskatchewan, 2 or 3 in Quebec, 1 in NFLD, 2 to 3 in the Maritimes, and 4 to 7 in BC.

I hope I'm wrong and the NDP and Liberal numbers add up to 155

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