Blame Layton

"I can't win without the NDP...," Liberal message

The Liberals can not win this election. We are going to have a Conservative minority. As the latest polls put the Conservatives anywhere form 6 to 10 points ahead and the NDP anywhere from 8 to 4 points behind the Liberals its any body's guess what the seat count will be for those two parties.

There is no obligation or higher goal that should see NDP supporters and candidates to toss out their vote to a Liberal. Its always a one way street with the Liberals. You have to vote for us, they chant. Even in Saskatchewan, in BC and parts of Ontario where the Liberals don't stand a ghost of a chance.

I think it is ludicrous and disingenuous of the Liberal crowd to go after Jack for not saying, vote Liberal. 1 in 4 Canadians according to most polls plan to vote liberal. 1 in 5 (or higher) say they will vote NDP. To say those Canadians should fold their tent and go home is pretty self serving and not unlike every other Liberal campaign.

This time the desperate appeal from the Liberals to NDP voters is going unheard. Steve V over at Far and Wide, is blaming Jack Layton for the Harper lead in the polls. It seems to me that the Liberals responsibility is for their own position and the NDP for theirs and Harper can look after himself.

The NDP have steadily attacked the Harper government and its agenda for two years and in this campaign, while the Liberals played silly games like, not showing up for votes, or worse yet voting for the harper agenda, for legislation they say they are opposed too, just so they did not have to go to an election.

The Liberals are full of excuses, like they couldn't win an election, we had no money, we had no leader, we have lost our base of supporters. It goes on. The thing is, the Liberal party gambled that they could hold off a little and then people would flock too them, recovering in the polls or a Harperite would say something stupid.

It did not work. While the leader of the opposition and his party were busy propping up the harper government, Then NDP and Jack Layton refused to vote for legislation they did not believe in. Thats the difference and why many people saw Jack Layton as the Unofficial leader of the opposition.

The Liberals will have only themselves to blame if they lose and it looks like they will.

All that said I and many of my friends do have much in common with those that are Liberal supporters. We also look and think and many of us will vote for a Liberal, because in this case they are someone that shares our values, albeit in another party, and they might be able to beat the Conservative.

a good reason to vote NDP is posted at Dr. Dawg


Steve V said...

Ummm, the link to my post is actually a GREEN blaming Layton, but carry on...

Skinny Dipper said...

I won't tell people how to vote. I will be voting NDP this time. If we think of polling, the NDP is around 20% nationally. In some parts of Canada, the party is at 25 or 30 percent. The NDP has a good chance to pick up extra seats. If people gave their votes to the Liberals, the NDP would lose a lot of seats. The Liberals might marginally increase their seat count. The Conservatives might also gain a few extra seats by squeezing through the middle in some ridings. Also, why would I give my vote to a Liberal who might be anti-choice and anti-gay on many issues. I'd rather vote for a pro-choice and pro-gay supporting Conservative than some Liberals that I have seen.

Ricky Barnes said...

Not quite Steve, you say at the end of your quote, "the sad part is its true"