Asbestos Motion before the House

Asbestos, it kills people.  So while everyone is talking about the gun registry, The NDP's motion calling for the end of mining and exporting asbestos will be voted on this evening.

We came close to a similar motion in 2009, or least we thought we were close, then Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff told a group of people on Vancouver Island that is Asbestos was bad for the Parliament of Canada, (a project at the Parliament Buildings to remove asbestos has been ongoing for sometime now) then we have to stop exporting it.  "YAY!" shouted environmental and human rights groups.  Finally someone other than the NDP oppose Asbestos.

The Yay became Nay the next day.  Ignatieff says he was misunderstood.  What he really meant was that if its dangerous, we ought to warn people of the dangers.

Some Conservatives in the past have also called for a ban on Asbestos.  Dona Cadman of Surrey BC called for an end in 2009. Conservative MP Pat Davidson told the Sarnia Observer he's against mining and exporting Asbestos.  Chuck Strahl a long time Conservative MP retired in part due to cancer caused by Asbestos.  He has called for an end to mining and exporting Asbestos.

During the last election, Harper went to the federal riding where we mine Asbestos.  He said as long as there is a market for it, people want it, Canada will sell it to them.  Too bad he doesn't use the same principles with respect to marijuana. 

Asbestos if used today must be handled by people using very elaborate and expensive equipment and procedures.  Now how many of us believe the developing world, which imports almost all of our asbestos have the skills and local inspectors to ensure workers install it correctly.  That workers are protected?

Nope, didn't think you believed that either.

I wonder how many BLOC and Conservative MPs will vote to to ban Asbestos exports tonight?

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