BC Liberals Deadly Silent on Queers in School

I know of a few of my blogging friends here in Ontario, people on the progressive side of politics (today that means almost anyone that isn't a Conservative), who support the BC Liberals and in particular, Christy Clark.  Supporting Christy Clark puts your progressive credentials on the line.

Premier Christy Clark
Clark is a slightly younger version of Stephen Harper.  She better than Gordon Campbell because, well, she's not Gordon Campbell. The packaging is different, the product inside is the same.   

No doubt there are good people in that party who are socially progressive.  These people don't stand a chance however as getting votes in bible belt BC requires the party to cater to regressive southern baptist like attitudes.  Something The Liberals are good at, just as the Social Credit party was for years.  

In the recent BC municipal elections, the right wing religious folks in the NDP stronghold of Burnaby waged a mighty war against the NDP friendly school board, because the  board brought in a strong anti-homophobia policy. What's interesting here is the lack of response to the hateful anti-queer campaign waged by the Parents’ Voice slate for school board from the BC Liberal government.

Some more history...
"On January 8, 2011 Christy Clark promised the gay community that homophobic bullying would be among her top priorities if she were to become premier. But homophobia is not mentioned in Clark's new education policy released on February 14th, this year. Clark spokesperson Shane Mills told Xtra on February 15 that Clark did not want to bury her bullying policy in the general education document. He said it would be released in conjunction with Pink Shirt Day on February 21 or 22.” (Jeremy Hainsworth, Xtra West, Feb. 15, 2011)
It didn't happen. 

Hon. Mary Polak
There's still no plan on the part of the BC Liberal government to bring in any anti-homophobia curriculum changes in BC schools.  And I for one am not surprised when one of BC's most famous homophobes, Mary Polak is a key member of Premier Clark's cabinet.  

Polak's government bio site states that she served nine years on the Surrey School board and boasts of her efforts to balance the books.  Not surprisingly, she doesn't mention spending One million School Board tax dollars to keep books about same sex families out of the schools.  She lost in the end.  
See The Silence on Sex Candidate

Christy Clark has a long history of playing both sides of the homophobia debate. In 2003, then Education Minister, Christy Clark convened a “Safe Schools Task Force” – their report acknowledged that concerns about homophobia figured prominently in submissions and that attempts to raise the issue of homophobia in schools often met with resistance. Yet despite the acknowledgement of a culture of homophobia in the school system, the report offered no recommendations aimed at addressing these serious concerns. “Even though the report infers a connection between bullying based on sexual orientation and suicide and murder, it offers no standard anti-homophobic harassment guidelines in its recommendations. Homophobia does not even rate a mention." (Jeremy Hainsworth, Xtra West, Sept. 4, 2003) 

The report did not even say the word homophobia. 

Hon. Barry Penner
Now Barry Penner, long time Liberal MLA from Chilliwack-Hope has retired. That means a by-election.  The riding is part of BC's Bible belt. Its an area the BC Liberals will have to win in the next election if they have any hope of staying in power.  The BC Lberals are fighting a rear guard action as the BC Conservative party looks to take some seats in the next election.  

The writing is on the wall for queer kids in BC schools.  The current government lead by Premier Clark will do nothing more to protect them.  In fact in Premier Clark claimed that protecting LGBT students was a local issue: "Local school boards can make their own rules about these things." (Christy Clark, Global TV, June 15, 2011)  

Christy Clark is Gordon Campbell in drag, which is funny to say in a way, seeing as future drag queen/kings get no help from her government.


You cannot support Christy Clark and the BC Liberals and call yourself progressive. 

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