BC Last in Child Poverty - Eight years running

So in doing some research into Premier Clark and her BC Liberal Government, I discovered what I already suspected was the case. BC has the highest child poverty rate in Canada.  In fact, they have had the worst record of child poverty for eight years in a row.  Kinda makes you proud to be from BC right?  

Christy Clark, the Great 'not' Gordo hope for Families in BC wants to put Families First.  What is she doing about it ... 

As Paul Wilcocks points out   ...when it was reported that B.C. had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for the eighth consecutive year, Premier Christy Clark rejected calls for a plan to address the problem, with targets, actions and a requirement for an annual report on “progress or lack of progress,” to use Falcon’s words.  Why no plan? Clark and the other ministers never offered a coherent reason. Because there isn’t one. 

Its astonishing that the province in Canada that for the last five years has been billing itself as The Best Place on Earth, has more poor kids per-capita than any other province in our country.  

I found this here.

Perhaps this slogan would have been a little more honest 


Anonymous said...

Dishonest slogans and ignoring the problem tend to be how most Canadian politicians "address" child poverty. Or they have their tame media spin the problem away. Child poverty is worse than the national average in wonderful booming (no media outlet would dare say otherwise) Saskatchewan.

Rick Barnes said...

Yes, isn't it amazing these rich provinces can create such high levels of poverty