Police assault at Dallas #occupy protest

Off duty police officer in Dallas, moonlighting for Bank Of America as a security guard, pushes protester off of a four foot high planter to the sidewalk.  The protester was then charged with felony assault of a police officer and resisting arrest.

You can see the protester is standing on the planter, the off duty police officer is right beside him.  Then without any obvious reason, the officer pushes the protester off the planter.  The protester was not expecting this as you can see in the video.

Fortunately this video surfaced.  The protest appears to be quite tame.  People marching back and forth, chanting and holding signs.  Read the whole story at Daily KOS here.

It's vital that those attending these protests attempt to capture video of all that is going on.  With people like this off duty police officer and others, we need to have evidence that is immediately available.

Its no longer good enough to have witnesses that refute official police statements and or arrests.  That takes too long.  While we wait to prove our case, our friends are in jail, and governments use the arrests to clamp down on protesters more.

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