McGunity has Money for every Liberal MPP

It's Christmas in November, it is if you are a Liberal MPP in Ontario. 52 of the 53 Liberal MPPs were appointed as either a Cabinet Minister or Parliamentary Assistant to a Minister.  All of these jobs bring with it an additional salary add-on.

No wonder 51% of the people that could have voted, didn't vote in the last election. This is enough to piss off a server at Tim Horton's or laid off guy from a closed manufacturing plant.

Toronto Star Photo ITS a PaRTY!
MPP's in Ontario make about $116,000.  That puts every single one of them in the top 3% of Canadian incomes.

So 52 of 53 Liberals got a hefty raise. The one Liberal MPP that did not get a raise is likely to get an even bigger one.  That person will be the speaker.  That job pays much more than a lowly MPP.  Not bad, McGuinty has manged to give his entire caucus a pay increase.

H/t to Onpoli.ca

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