Yikers, Who hasn't recorded Little Drummer Boy

Okay, something different I always liked the song, Little Drummer Boy. Im not a christian, yet I find this song comforting. So I decided to gather a few versions. Its all my buddy Michael Yoder's fault. He posted a an okay version of the song on facebook.
Then Bob Dylan did this version
Then Justin Bieber abig time Christian, does this really yucky version of the song...
This is a little better an likely the most popular version to last 30 years or more. Boney M Josh Groban does a great job here and then Dolly does it And in 1970 Michael and the rest of the Jackson Five recorded what I am seeing is a song recorded by almost anyone who has done a Christmas Album

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Anonymous said...

Buffalo Soldier is the song for this very dsyfunctional decade. Thanks.