Pepper sprayed 84 year old woman and homophobia at Occupy

It looks like the Occupy folks have really pissed off the management.  In Seattle the police pepper sprayed woman, Dorli Rainey, 84 who was part of the occupy protest.

Dorli Rainey, 84
I imagine she must have been a real threat to police.

More at the Toronto Star here

And in New York videographer Joey Boots was the subject of a homophobic slur by a security guard. “Your fly’s open, faggot,” the unnamed security guard said in response to Boots, who was asking several workers on-camera whether they are employed by Brookfield Properties, the owner of Zuccotti Park. “That’s nice man, really nice. Really professional,” Boots replied (video below; exchange takes place at 1:48).

That's just two examples of what is going on.  There are many more examples of police brutality and violence at the many Occupy sites across the United States.


Diversity Rules Magazine said...

Crazy isn't it. Pepper spraying an 84 year old woman!

Rick Barnes said...

Yes it is nutso.