Canadians in Attawapiskat live in the Third World

I am saddened on this day of remembrance.  We honour those that went to war, were peacekeepers, went to Afghanistan, the ones killed, the ones who returned.  I am saddened because all these people have given a lot to make the world a better place.  I'm saddened by all the words people spoke today that wrapped us in a collective cozy quilt, perhaps the flag emblazoned on it, saying how lucky we are to be Canadians.

Many of us are lucky.  We have it better than many in the world, perhaps we are the luckiest of all.  Yet today in Canada, many Canadians are not so lucky.

Go here and read about some Canadians that are not doing to well.  This is the greatest shame of our country.  Many First Nations people live in abject poverty.  Stephen Harper is ignoring them. The Conservative government is ignoring them.

We have this big problem because the Federal governments, Liberal and Conservative, for 35 years have done next to nothing significant to remedy the problems.  The main stream media has failed big time as well.  Its just Indians.

Charlie Angus, the MP has been on this file for several years now. Perhaps he will need to light his hair on fire in the House of Commons to get either the government or the media do anything!  Maybe a new Conservative Minister, The Hon. Peter Penashue can get his partner in government, the Hon. John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to actually put some of out tax dollars to good use.

Governments must come to the aid of Attawapiskat

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