Harper Govt Spying on Canadians

The Stephen Harper government is spending a ton of money spying on Canadians.  Even after they were told not to spy on the medical records of VETS they have continued the practice.  And now we hear they are sying on First Nations advocates.

Cindy Blackstock
Cindy Blackstock is a hard working advocate that has become a thorn under the rear end of the Conservative government.  The government has looked at her Indian Status file at least twice and included information from it in briefings, have stalked her facebook page after hours from a home computer to add further information to their files on her and have barred her from attending meetings with Aboriginal Affairs

It seems the Conservatives don't need CSIS (as far as we know they are not using CSIS) to do their spying, they are using management staff in the government.  This is appalling.  I expect that anyone with a history of advocacy, and meeting with this government may face this kind of intrusion into their privacy.

As Jack Layton stated during the english language debate in the 2011 election, "You're not the same Stephen Harper."  That Stephen Harper was about open, honest and accountable government.      

See Toronto Star article here: Tim Harper: Government spies on advocate for native children
See APTN News here: Federal Aboriginal Affairs department spying on advocate for First Nations children

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