Conservatives admit to Administrative Imperfection

The Harper Conservatives look to have received a get out of jail card  in a deal between itself and Elections Canada.  The Conservative Party will admit to "Administrative Imperfection".
Mcleans photo - Senator Findley keeps job/pension

This will conclude one major issue between the party and the agency that regulates election spending in Canada.  The Conservatives near the end of the 2006 election had spent all they could at the national level, so they sent money to pay for "National ads" to local ridings.  The day after the money was sent it was withdrawn to pay for the ads airtime.

This practice is called in and out. In this case it is a violation of the elections act.  The Conservatives in effect had spent all the legally were permitted too, so they attempted to subvert the limit by having local candidates run the ads and bill them against their local election expenses which are separate from national expenses.

More on the deal reached between the parties will be revealed this afternoon in a court room in Ottawa.

UPDate: Conservative Part agrees to pay $52,000 fine

Hey, that's not bad, spend One Million Dollars more than you are permitted and pay $52,000. At that price they could afford to spend as much as they liked!


Anonymous said...

A piddly little slap on the wrist like that isn't going to discourage anyone from breaking elections laws. They'll treat it as a cost of doing business and violate it as much as they like.

Anonymous said...

Worse yet, the CPC were claiming a victory in this despite the admission of guilt. So since when does a conviction = acquittal or innocence?

They have a bigger problem: The English Language.

Rick Barnes said...

The CPC leaves no stone unturned unless the underside of it is hiding something.